Welder Staffing Agencies to Recruit Welders for Hire

Welder Staffing Agencies to Recruit Welders for Hire

Welder staffing agencies or welder recruitment agencies are manpower supply companies that provide welder recruitment services for valuable clients based upon their job requirements. In simple words, Welder staffing agencies act as a middle man between Employers (clients) and Employees (welders for hire). Welding Agency charges a flat fee to recruit welders.

Welding Staffing Agencies are like bridges, which connect people looking for jobs (welders) with companies or clients that are in search of relevant employees for a job. Welding Recruitment agencies are paid to find welders for particular organizations that fit a certain job.

How can the Welding Recruitment Agency help you?

This major benefit of choosing a welding recruitment agency is to be your biggest helping hand. It will help you find suitable welders that accommodate your requirements according to your budget. As most clients have different requirements, they only want the desired output. They don’t have deeper knowledge about the different methods of welding, which are going to apply to their location.

So clients rely on recruitment agencies to get better results for themselves. So Welding Recruiters will take off all your burden from your shoulders. The welding recruitment agency will provide the best staff from the data bank that exactly matches your requirements.

For almost every Consultant company, Welder staffing agencies have to offer additional security to the employers. Almost all welding recruitment agencies will give you a guarantee period, in which your new employee works in your company or any workplace under observation for a certain period of time. If that fresh employee is fired (due to any reason) or quits before the guarantee period ends, Welding staff agencies will either refund your payment or find another suitable match for the job.

Shortly, these welding staffing agencies will help you find and keep the right employee in less time and money. Welding recruiters have strong connections with welding industry experts and other HR, which helps them find HR which are not available directly.
Welding staffing agencies have tons of applications of people who have specialized in different welding methods. So this gives another reason to the employers recruit welders using welder staffing agencies is improved quality welders of hire.

Welders staffing agencies to recruit welders

How to select the Right Welder staffing Agency?

Welder recruitment agencies act as an intermediary between the Employer (Client) and the Jobseeker (Welder). Employers share requirements with the recruiting consultant, as per their staffing needs. Recruitment consultants then find the top human resource for that particular role, for a (fixed or percentage-based) recruiting service fee.

Requirements of the Employer should be clear

As requirements are a major part of any project. Without specific requirements, any project can’t be succeeded. So as an employer your requirements should be clear. Because if you are not clear about your requirements then you are not able to get suitable welders. Different welding jobs require different methods.

Steps to choose a Welding staffing Agency

If you require to hire a welder, you can check the following factors in the welding agency to examine the validity.

  • Agency should be ISO Certified

Check the legal status of the agency you’re going to choose. Agency must be ISO Certified.

  • Approved by BEOE

Selected welder staffing agencies or services must be approved by the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE) as approved overseas employment promoters or recruitment agents.

  • Check Affordability

Once you have found the best staffing agency that best suits your requirements then look for its affordability first. Obviously, if their charges won’t suit your budget then that welder recruitment agency is of no use. Most of the staffing agencies have mentioned all basic information on their official website. But to get a better understanding and detailed idea, you need to contact them. You can make a list of all Welder staffing agencies and ask them about their welder services, prices, terms & conditions etc.

  • Check Databank of the Agency

Check the data bank of the agency. For example how many welders are associated with the agency according to different categories of welding techniques (FCAW, SMAW etc).

  • Professionals of background screening

Recruiting agencies to have a specialization in thorough background checks and screening of the welders. They also have most of the important information about a welder already. Welding is not an easy task, and that means that finding the right person for the job will require your proper attention. As a business owner, you want to be sure that the person you choose for the job is well qualified to complete the job efficiently. 

Process of teleport Manpower Consultant to Recruit Welders

Our agency methodology and practice meet the high standards in the recruitment agency very effectively. We carefully screen the welders and present only the highly trained and professional welders to you.

ISO Certified Agency

Teleport Manpower Consultant is an ISO certified welder recruiting agency in Pakistan, providing different Welding recruiting services to valuable customers.

Approved by Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE)

Our Welding Recruitment agency is also approved by the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment. We are at the top of the list of best welders recruiters in Pakistan.

Find the best candidates for you

Teleport Manpower Consultant will find the best suitable candidates for you on the basis of the requirements you provided. Selected candidates have the capability to perform the whole procedure efficiently in a given time period. 

Cost Effective as compared to other agencies.

Our Welding recruitment services are cost-effective as compared to other welding recruitment agencies in Pakistan. So you can avail of our welding services at very low rates.

Background screening checks by our company for new welders

To check properly whether a candidate has the abilities and skills their certifications claim they actually have or not, we will set up a weld test to verify that they have the capability to work that is up to the welding procedure required by your company. We perform welder testing by checking these points:

Welder can read blueprints:

We give a blueprint to the candidate (Welder) and check whether he can interpret it accordingly or not. This is how we examine the information presented by the welder which affects the project in the future. This quality of checking is only performed by experienced and trained welding travel agencies.

Welders have a keen eye to safety:

A good welder must-have safety interests in mind. Industry requirements have outlined what clothing a welder is going to wear. Our welders are equipped to weld, meaning that they wear protective clothing and work boots, and also they bring their welding jackets, helmets, and work gloves. Welding is a tough task and the safety of our clients and the welders is important for us. Safety can also be assured by using the modern-day tools recommended for use.

Checks welders attention:

A strong level of concentration is needed to ensure all aspects of the welding is executed constructively. The same applies to work commitment, which assures all forms are done accurately.

Customer Service:

All welders must show unique customer service skills which meet the requirements of their employers. Welders associated with Teleport Manpower Consultant have all major skills which meet the needs of the Customer. The goal of any project must be shared with other staff to reach quality results.

Sharp eyesight:

Eyesight might seem like a minor detail in welding, but this is the major part in this profession. The integrity of the structures or projects being worked on needs proper concentration and precision. So poor eyesight can affect the projects so we must check our welder’s eyesight.

Better understanding of equipment and tools:

A good welder always pays key attention to different equipment and tools. Welders who are going to work with our welding staffing agency must be masters of tools and equipment. They must know what is needed to get the job executed well. The tools and equipment used in the work are essential to the success of the project.

Knowledge and skills:

Some of the top qualities of a welder are fabricating, MIG welding, TIG welding, steel manufacturing, flux arc welding, and many other methods. So we check whether our welders acquire these proficiencies or not. Most welders will have gone through some form of training in a welding institute after which practically gives them the expertise to take on big projects. Job duties mostly depend on the welder’s industry specialization.

We remember the proficiencies of the welders, who can employ more than 30 different welding methods in permanently joining metal parts. Our highly skilled welders are trained to work with a wide variety of materials like titanium, aluminum, steel etc.

So there is no need to explain MIG or TIG welding methods. We understand it. We know welding processes and we can identify the right candidate for you when we see one in our data bank.

Teleport Manpower Consultant Expertise in Welder Recruiting

Our Data bank has FCAW 200 6R,  SMAW is more than 1500 and other multi welders (GMAW,GTAW etc) are more than1000 from positions 1G to 6G, 6GR.

Our welders use their skills in construction like joining beams, bridges and other structures, join pipes in pipelines, refineries, and power plants. They are also highly skilled and professional in shipbuilding, repair and manufacturing, different aerospace applications, and hundreds of other manufacturing activities.

We also have strong connections with other welder hiring agencies. So if we can’t find perfect welders from our data bank. We can hire the best matching candidates from other agencies.

How can you contact us?

Get efficient welders by our Welding recruitment agency online. You can contact us by giving a Call on 00923345077241

You can send a hiring request on mail id:  info@teleportmanpower.com

Or you can simply visit our company (if this is convenient for you). Our company address is :

Office no. 03, Ground Floor Twin City Plaza Near Sultan Arcade I-8 / 4 Opposite to Street no. 92 Extension Area Faizabad, Islamabad,

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