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Teleport Manpower Consultant is a ISO certified welder recruiting agency. We are serving as a top recruiter in Pakistan and we are helping multinational companies to source best quality manpower from Pakistan. We are, one of the leading Welding staffing agency, providing best welder recruiting service to the valuable customers in major regions of Europe and Canada and Gulf region.

Why Hire Pakistani Welders?

Pakistani Welders are known worldwide for their expertise and cheap welder hire rates. We recruit Mig welders in UK and rest of Europe. Hire Tig Welders that are expert on all methods and techniques. Teleport Manpower is providing professional services at very affordable prices. So if you’re looking for the best welding services in your area then you can directly call us to hire them.

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We provide Welder recruiting service for these industries

  • Structural work Welding
  • Storage Tanks Welders
  • Maintenance Welding Experts
  • General machine repair work
  • Manufacturing of Automobiles bodies
  • Refineries and pipeline fabrication 

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    Welder Recruitment Process

    Our methodology for Welder hiring is based upon Client’s requirement. Our expert recruitment professionals perform initial screening and background checks to ensure that welders meet international standards and Client’s needs and budget.

    We conduct Welding Tests to filter and hire a batch of best welders for our clients. Tests can also be conducted in the presence of employer if required. Contact us today for your Welding recruitment campaign.

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    Hire Welders based on Welding Methods

    Teleport Manpower is leader of Welding Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. Our Welding recruiters will find expert welders for hire as per your budget and need. We recruit for over 30+ different welding methods which are in use by the industry today. Based upon source of heat (arc or flame), welding methods and expert required may differ. Check some common methods below.

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    SMAW – Shielded metal arc welding experts

    This method is also known as Stick Welding. This process is suitable for pipeline welding, construction, heavy equipment repair, maintenance and steel erection.

    The common advantages of using the shielded metal arc welding method include the low cost , as well as its portability. This technique is suitable for outside even during rain or wind. SMAW method also works on rusty and dirty metals so it is suitable for those projects where welders can not use the TIG or MIG methods.

    This technique is used for shallow penetration, cracking, porosity and a vulnerability to severe weather (Rain or wind).

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    GTAW – Gas tungsten arc welding experts

    Gas tungsten arc welding is also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG). This method is used to weld very thin materials, the high quality cleaning welds, and the highly aesthetic weld beads. 

    GTAW welding is generally regarded as the most popular welding technique used nowadays, and the reason for using this technique is the fact that it offers a clean weld and a high degree of purity. It is the most commonly used method for welding stainless steel. This method is best for the manufacturing of vehicles, tubing, bicycles, as well as the maintenance and repair of various types of tools made from magnesium, aluminum and stainless steel.

    This is one of the most difficult types of welding, it requires a lot of focus and skill mostly because of the small area between the art of the flame in the material you intend to weld. Our welders are highly trained and professional and they can easily use this method to get the best products.

    GMAW Gas Metal arc welding Professionals

    GMAW is also known as metal inert gas. The advantages of choosing GMAW welding include the reduction of waste, less weld clean up is required, reduced welding fumes and lower heat inputs. GMAW welding method is commonly used in the automotive industry, such as when replacing a catalytic converter or replacing a full exhaust, it can provide a strong weld that can withstand large forces. Automotive repairs often need strength and versatility, so this welding method is best for this purpose. Other common uses include branding, constructions, robotics and the maritime industry.

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    FCAW Flux-cored arc welding experts

    FCAW is rather similar to the GMAW welding method. The advantages of using this method include the higher electrode efficiency that creates less waste than other types of welding methods, as well as the lower hit inputs. With the FCAW, there is no need for external shielding gas, and you get reduced welding fumes regardless of the metal used for welding. This is also a rather clean type of welding, as you don’t have to deal with lots of junk.

    Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

    Welding positions are the different angles of joining metals. Generally we have four types of welding positions which are Horizontal, Vertical, Flat and Overhead. In welding, there are two types of welds which are Groove and Fillet. Groove is donated by G and Fillet is donated by F. Welders can perform these welds in all four welding positions.

    Teleport Manpower Consultant are providing welders to you which are highly trained and professionals of welding. Our company has almost 200 FCAW 6R  welders, 1500+ SMAW welders,  1000+ GTAW and multi welders. They all are ready to serve you according to your requirements. 

    Fillet Weld

    It is a welding method for combining two parts of metal vertically or slightly at an angle. Hire Expert welders by sending your Welding job requirements now. Our team of expert recruiters will find the right candidate as per your budget.

    We have four welding positions for fillet weld.

    • 1F : is used for flat welding positions.
    • 2F : is used for horizontal welding positions.
    • 3F : is used for vertical welding positions.
    • 4F : is used for welding position which is overhead.

    Groove Weld

    It is a welding method made in the groove. It needs full penetration for strong welds. Recently Teleport has formed strategic partnership with Welding Staffing Companies which has allowed us to become the best welding recruiter of the year. 

    We have six welding positions  for groove weld.

    • 1G :  is used for flat welding positions.
    • 2G : is used for horizontal welding positions.
    • 3G : is used for vertical welding positions.
    • 4G : is used for welding position which is overhead.
    • 5G : is used for uphill or downhill vertical welding position.
    • 6G/6GR :  is used for overhead vertical welding position.