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    • Leading HR outsourcing company in Pakistan.
    • Our expert Recruiters are familiar with International Human Resource standards and requirements.
    • With efficient background check & careful screening process, we find the right resource for your company
    • Serving all sectors in Bulgaria and worldwide. We provide job consultancy in Bulgaria for Pakistani Human resource. 

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    Pakistani Overseas Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria

    Teleport manpower recruitment agency is working with employers in Bulgaria. We are exporting qualified Pakistani Manpower since a decade. Our team is familiar with international recruiting standards. Therefore we supply manpower to Bulgaria as recruiting consultant in Pakistan.

    We are ISO certified and licensed recruitment agency. We specialize as recruiters in Pakistan for all industries in Bulgaria. Teleport is one of the leading recruitment agency for Bulgaria.

    Teleport specializes in human resource consulting, executive search and staffing solutions. Therefore we are in the list of top Bulgaria recruitment companies. Teleport Manpower Consultant helps you with work permit and visa processing fees in Bulgaria.

    Whether you want to hire blue collar workers from Pakistan or need help with IT staffing for Bulgaria. We are confident that our recruitment process will always find the best candidate for the job. Our edge in manpower recruiting is our unique process. From initial screening to final interview, we keep our client in the loop to ensure that their requirements are met.

    Besides helping corporate in successful recruitment, we also ensure that job seekers also land the best job in Bulgaria. Form getting work via for Bulgaria and Visa processing fees, we will be there for you. 

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    Recruitment Process

    Our Unique headhunting process will help you find the right man for the job at right time.

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    ISO Certified Recruitment Agency

    Teleport Manpower Consultant is one of the best best recruitment agencies in Bulgaria for talent recruitment in IT, Nursing, Healthcare. We provide professional skilled and unskilled international manpower for Bulgaria. We are licensed by Government of Pakistan as legitimate overseas employment promoters. Teleport is leading manpower agency for Bulgaria. in all sectors including, Oil and Gas, cruise ship Jobs,Nursing, offshore medics. 

    How can we Help you in Recruitment from Pakistan?

    Pakistani professionals are searching for work in Bulgaria. All they need now is a genuine Bulgarian workforce recruiting business. As the industry leader in Bulgarian recruiting agencies, we perform our part by bridging the gap between the two.

    Pakistani human resources are accessible in the health and oil & gas sectors. Aside from that, in Bulgaria, we recruit like a dragon. In Bulgaria, we provide staffing services to various industries. The most well-known are listed below.

    • Medical recruitment 
    • Aluminum Industry 
    • Accounting and Finance
    •  Airways recruitment
    • Hospitality industry
    • Education
    • Construction
    • Real estate
    • Banking
    • FMCG
    • Government jobs
    • Telecommunication
    • Engineering
    • Shipping and Logistics
    • Marketing and sales

    Pakistani Manpower Recruitment Agency for Bulgaria

    As a leader of Recruitment agencies in Bulgaria, Teleport Manpower provides Human resource solutions for the following roles.

    • Medical recruitment 
    • Aluminum Industry 
    • Accounting and Finance
    •  Airways recruitment
    • Hospitality industry
    • IT Recruitment in Bulgaria
    • Metallurgy engineering Bulgaria
    • Machine manufacturing 
    • Land and Agriculture

    Moreover, We maintain strategic relations with top Pakistani recruitment agencies, which gives us access to a large pool of skilled manpower. We are confident that we will always find the right candidate for the job as leader of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Bulgaria.