Recruitment For Textile Industry

Recruitment For Textile Industry - 1

Teleport Manpower Consultants signed contracts with leading companies in different countries of world and managed to dwell in good space on internet. Through our internet presence well-known companies around the world contacted us and finalize the deals with us and one of those is Allians TC Com Romania.

Teleport signed two high volume contracts in textile sector in 2021.

Allians TC Com is well known company of Romania which is working in multi sectors of textile and glass manufacturing and designing and we mobilized a good human resource to the company from Pakistan which encourages the company’s confidence on our agency. Romanian company has good business plans therefore we invited them here to visit and on their arrival we had recruited companies where the employer physically interviewed them and finalized the best candidates.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Before starting of a recruitment process, it was worth considering what our organization’s Employee Value Propositions.  We started contacting the textile companies working In Pakistan and spread our massage for hiring on all the platforms which are in our common practice for all campaigns. our target was textile industries and glass industries. Our recruitment officer officially visited the companies, met with related personals, and fixed the meetings.

We had planned the whole trip and made presentations accordingly where we discussed below points

  • Introduction to TMC – our origins, vision, goals.
  • We have developed adds including positions, salary packages etc
  • Showcase our work, our website, and social media
  • Salary and rewards package which were competitive.

Positions announced and filled during campaign

Textile Mills

  1. Weaving Machine operator
  2. Warping Machine operator
  3. Knotting Machine operator
  4. Beem gaiter Machine operator
  5. Mechanic Technician

Spinning Textile Mills

  1. Engineers
  2. DSM( deputy Senior Manager)
  3. SM( Senior Manager)
  4. Production In charge
  5. Speed frame machine operators
  6. Ring frame machine operators
  7. Textile machine technician
  8. Textile machine electrician
  9. Textile machine Forman production
  10. Textile machine Forman electrical
  11. Textile machine Forman Maintenance
  12. Fitter
  13. Head fitter
  14. Senior fitter

Defining the role

Before starting our recruitment campaign, we reviewed and update the job description and person specification to ensure it remains fit for purpose. 

The person specification defined the skills, experiences and attributes needed to do the job allowing us to define what is essential and what is desirable.  Ensured that our requirements are not unlawfully discriminatory.

Prepared job advert

When recruiting, we prepared job advertisements and followed a basic structure so that everybody has a clear understanding.

  • Job title
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Introduction to our business
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Key requirements (qualifications and skills)

To ensure an aligned recruitment process and securing the best talent for vacancy, we kept the job advert drawn up using the job description and person specification.

Attracting candidates

To have access to a more diverse and broader pool of candidates, we considered to use several different methods of attraction. 

  • The Internet
  • Referrals
  • Internal advert
  • Adverts in local, national press or a professional nn  . body association
  • In line with GDPR rules, a file of previous applicants
  • Social media.

Candidate Engagement

If we treat others as how we would like to be treated, then we cannot go far wrong.  For teleport this is important throughout the employment life cycle, but especially in this campaign during recruitment.  

We kept our focus on below points

  • Every candidate deserves to know what has happened to their job application
  • It is important to be prompt in your communications with your candidates
  • Candidates expect courteous and professional communications
  • Provide constructive feedback for those unsuccessful at the final stages

We kepp our communications smooth and lenient which can tell the candidate a lot about our company and our culture.

Additionally, our communication at this stage also helped with the successful candidate transitioning into the new workplace, making their start that little bit easier.

How do we selected?

Teleport Manpower Consultant have formal way of interview and in most cases, we initially screen candidates and forward their CVs to company HR but in Alliyans case when we had recruitment campaign on three different places, so we slightly changed the whole process.

Competency Based Interviews

In competency-based questions our HR Team asked below questions and sent the successful candidates to company representatives in other room.

We asked below questions in local languages for the easy communication.

  • Tell us about a time when you had to meet an urgent deadline.
  • When was the last time you had to integrate into a new team? How did you go about it?
  • Talk me through a project which you have worked on; what did you do to ensure its success?


Company representative asked candidates technical questions regarding their work experience in textile and glass manufacturing companies respectively.

Background check

For all successful candidate’s agency did a background check from their previous employers and get their documentation done.

The job offers

From a candidate experience perspective, we communicate to both the successful and unsuccessful.

For the successful candidate, we give an offer letter to candidate with complete details including compensation details.

Mobilization Phase:

In mobilization phase we first send complete original documents to Romania to our employer and company send us work permeant of candidate to us

We book appointment in Romanian embassy.

After successful interview and visa stamp we complete the procedure like protectors and legal things.

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