Oil & Gas Sector Recruitment Campaign QCON QATAR

Qcon Recruitment Campaign Oil & Gas

Teleport signed a contract with QCON Qatar for the hiring of engineering crew 1500 people in the oil and gas sector against multiple position.

The oil and gas sector is fertile sector to accommodate lot of engineering professionals at all levels as we compete to recruit the talent we need to pivot to a greener future

Teleport is unique agency- with its own culture, goals, and requirements. we are moving forward with every passing by practicing more collaborations and unions. We ensure the right people are coming in, contributing, and staying- HRZON

We have planned, attract, selected, and hire candidates against the advertisement we have published through print media, electronic media and through internet.

What we did?

The strive to provide best positions to professionals

Recruitment in Pakistan

Karachi Maneuver

Be effective, Take initiative

Data Speaks

Oil & Gas Sector Recruitment Campaign QCON QATAR - 12
Oil & Gas Sector Recruitment Campaign QCON QATAR - 13

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