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Verify Recruitment Agency Registration for Teleport Manpower Consultant below. Our Overseas employment promoter License is valid as Pakistani Recruiter for Gulf countries. We provide recruiting service for Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other GCC members. Hire legitimate manpower recruiters in Pakistan. Contact us today with your Requirements.

NOTE: To Avoid Scams and Fraudulent activities, we have Removed our Government licenses (previously) displayed on the website. If you need to verify our license, please visit Bureau’s website, or contact us and one of our official representatives will share this information with you.

Verify Our License here:  License # 4075 / RWP, Teleport

Teleport Manpower Consultant is approved organization from the Government of Pakistan – Ministry of Oversees Pakistanis & Human Resource Development

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  1. Our Agency’s ISO certificate
  2. PEOPA membership Pakistan
  3. Chamber of Commerce Certificate