Construction Workers Recruitment

Construction Workers Recruitment overseas

Cost effective hiring of Construction workers is a daunting task. However construction workers recruitment agencies can make it easier and cost effective. Depending upon the types of construction manpower and recruitment timeline, cost of hiring may vary. Moreover, costs of recruitment also depend upon the country of manpower supplier. This complete guide to construction industry hiring will enrich you with all you need to know as an employer.

Construction Industry Overview

In this modern era, Construction industry is growing day by day. So nowadays finding professional manpower services related to the construction industry has become very difficult.

List of Construction workers and Roles

There are many roles on a construction site. Let’s start finding construction workers for hire. A construction Project requires different people with different skills to execute various tasks.  Here is a list of different jobs you may need on a construction project.

Hire a construction worker

Shuttering Carpenter

Hire Shuttering Carpenter construction worker

A shuttering Carpenter is responsible for making shutters and assembling Reinforce Cement Concrete (RCC) structures such as beams, columns, slabs, foundations, walls and other related structures. The shuttering carpenter should have deep knowledge of safe-working practices.

General Labor

construction General Labor and helpers

Labors are the driving force of every construction project. In other words, Laborers are among the most essential construction workers on a construction site. When a project is planned then the workers are only people who make a construction plan into reality.

Labors are able to operate heavy machinery, perform typical construction tasks and lift large objects. On the other side, they must be able to effectively understand those instructions which they receive from their supervisors. Labors Provided by Teleport Manpower Consultant are very cooperative.

Steel Fixer

Steel Fixer construction workers

Steel Fixers are able to install and tie the steel bars and mesh which are used to strengthen concrete during the construction process. The major responsibilities of a Steel Fixer are setting out the work area, following engineering plans, tying reinforcement bars together with wire, clips or welds to build up sections.

Moreover, they are also responsible for fitting spacers and supports, fixing the wooden formwork and shuttering used to hold setting concrete in  the proper place, Installing beams and precast slabs and fixing steel to concrete bases.


Construction worker Masons

Masons are able to work in any weather condition and they can deal with various materials. They can lift and carry heavy objects and read technical drawings.

Their major responsibilities include texturing and polishing blocks of stone, mixing cement and mortar, installing dressed stone and restoring old and damaged masonry works.

Construction Expeditor Role and responsibility

hire Construction Expeditor job role manpower

The construction expeditors are responsible for  managing the flow of materials from the material supplier to project. They are able to determine what equipment and material will be required in a given project.

They are responsible for taking construction material order, and also manage the delivery. As our expeditors are working on different projects at once so they are well organized. They are able to keep track of the flow of material on a given schedule.


Hire plumbers construction manpower supply

Plumbers are responsible for interpreting blueprints and building specifications like measuring pipes, drainage systems and other plumbing materials. They are able to install and repair pipes and fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, for water, gas, steam, air etc.


Hire electricians Recruitment agency

The electricians are responsible for making electrical connections in a building. So their job includes installing the wiring for electrical structures and assuring their functionality.

Our electricians are masters at troubleshooting. Many problems can arise during the construction which requires a high level of troubleshooting skills and critical thinking.


Hire architect recruitment agency

The architects are responsible for envisioning the customers requirements and developing a creative solution. Our professional architects can easily develop  creative plans, communicate the plans to others and oversee their execution.

They are involved in a construction project from start to finish to assure that the customer’s vision is being implemented properly or not.

Construction Supervisor

Hire Construction supervisor recruitment and staffing

A supervisor acts as an intermediary between the workers and the management office to assure active communication. Our modern supervisors use communication technology on their mobile devices that allow them to streamline this consistent communication.

On the other side, they are responsible for any problems or hurdles that may arise between the field and the office.

Hiring Construction Estimator

Construction worker Hire an estimator for construction project

An estimator is responsible for estimating the costs, labor and material required to complete a project. Estimators are fully versed with the project and they are able to quantify the project using specific measures.

They also communicate with the team and outside companies in order to gain more knowledge on different tasks.

Construction Foreman Job roles

Hire construction foreman responsibilities and role

A foreman is a leading person of the construction field. He examines the project on site and tracks labor’s schedule and completion of tasks. The foreman is responsible for any problems or injuries that occur on a job site.

He is also in charge of  timecards, payroll and often hiring or promotion.

Costs of Construction workers recruitment

Construction labor costs directly depend upon the complexity of the construction project, shift timings, and most importantly the skill of the hired construction workers. In order to control the construction labor cost, a common practice is to hire a construction worker staffing agency

Teleport Manpower Construction Workers Recruitment Service

Teleport Manpower Consultant is serving employers in Gulf countries as general labor and construction manpower supply company from over a decade. Teleport Manpower Consultant is here to serve you. We will supply professionals and well trained staff according to your requirements.

The main objective of our company is to provide best Manpower services to our valuable customers. It’s not important whether you’re looking for just laborers or searching for professional Foreman, it’s important for us to fulfill your requirements.

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