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Teleport manpower consultants as a pioneer of payroll outsourcing services. Teleport manpower  consultants  as industry specific recruitment  company and payroll service provider  serving  across  Pakistan , Gulf cooperation countries(GCC) , Europe , Canada  and common wealth of independent state(CIS). We are ISO certified payroll service provider and registered from Pakistan chamber of commerce. Teleport manpower consultants are providing Human resource   and administrative services to the number of clients including below:

  • Multinational costumes
  • Multinational companies working in Pakistan
  • International tech lead company working in Pakistan

Teleport Manpower Consultancy provide the payroll services including the  Payroll management, tax compliance, employer of record, and human resource management solutions are just some of the services provided to businesses around the world by this company. For a long time, we have provided many international organizations with payroll administration, employer of record, tax administration, and advisory services.

Payroll consulting services from teleport manpower help businesses streamline their operation, boost output, comply with regulation keep more employees and reduce expenses. Teleport is one of the leading recruitment agencies that handle much complex employment administration function that requires extensive expertise, processing and record keeping by means of both conventional and web based outsourcing products and services.

Global payroll Services and Human resource solutions

We hope to be your go-to HR partner by providing you with affordable, adaptable, and streamlined payroll outsourcing services. Our primary focus is on assisting you in lowering expenses and improving service quality. As a company, we take tremendous pride in contributing to your phenomenal success.

We are here to provide you our payroll outsourcing services to the companies demand. Teleport manpower supply company has been in the industry for over 6 years and offer diverse outsourcing solution that consist of automated payroll management, manpower &labour services training and development for employees for various skills, executive search services & HR solution for human capital development supplying skilled manpower resources overseas. This includes any customized services that are required by an organization national and international.


With over +6 years in the payroll outsourcing business, we have designed, managed, and supported solutions in Gulf cooperation countries (GCC) and European that can scale to the needs of any organization, no matter the size or complexity. Teleport human resource(HR) may be your one-stop-shop for all things related to payroll processing, with guaranteed accuracy, compliance, and prompt delivery with every pay period.

Minimize your Costs, Overhead, and Risk

HR consulting firms’ team is highly experienced, trained individuals with diverse expertise across industries and legislative borders can reduce labour, administrative overheads, and compliance risk. Focus on labour productivity and your clients instead of payroll software management, administrative up skilling, dedicated headcount, and IT infrastructure.

Benefit from Payroll Services that’s Adaptable and Scalable

Teleport Payroll Services solutions are adaptable to the specific demands of any organisation, no matter how big or little, whether you’re a single company or a large corporation, whether you need awards, essential  business advisory  services (EBAs), or contracts, or whether your needs are simple or complex. Teleport Payroll recruitment agency  may handle all or a portion of your payroll needs, including but not limited to onboarding, staffing , scheduling, timesheets, leave, employee self-service, award interpretation, pay run frequency, superannuation, and termination payments.

  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Learning Management System

The entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement, may be managed more efficiently with a unified platform provided by a single supplier.




Why Teleport Outsourcing Payroll

As we know that payroll processing is time taking and demanding the cost of hiring. Training of the large in house payroll team and keeping up with the complicated complex tax regulations. All of these steps are covered under our teleport manpower consultancy payroll outsourcing which are designed to yours organization’s needs.

Teleport is #1 recruiting agency is working to provide you automated payroll services processing, and making you to swiftly process salaries monthly. This system allows viewing all information through dashboard enabling you to see your employee’s total man hours, sick leaves, annual leaves, and causal leaves and overtime. This system automatically calculates employees of old age (EOBI), gradituty, increment & much more.

It can also be customized with according to your organizational needs.

Teleport recruitment agency automated payroll services are fully operated in compliance with laws, its user friendly &provides complete transparency. We have provided these HR consulting firms not only locally but internationally.

Engagement Procedure

Teleport manpower consultant’s customer support model includes dedicated support personnel working as a team to service your company.  This primary team will also manage additional teleport manpower consultant personnel on your behalf, both local and international. Between the primary account team and additional TMC recuriter, TMC teams are subject matter expert on all of the different. Roles and responsibilities that are included but are not limited to:

Support through call, email, Skype, and fax for orders, quotes, reporting, sending out collateral and information, etc.

Service Level Guarantee

Our outmost priority is to ensure prompt and accurate monthly salary payments and contributions to the statutory bodies in Saudi Arabia. In the event of errors proven to be committed by us, we will rectify them within a reasonable timeframe. Failure to do so, we will be obliged to absorb any penalty charges imposed on our clients.

Payroll is one of our primary areas of expertise, and we have created a robust solution for our main industries around the world. Our global payroll experts and order administration teams work together on a centralized platform to give you with local and appropriate solutions. It is in charge of worldwide analytics and compliance monitoring. 

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