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Teleport Manpower Consultant is one of the leading offshore and onshore Drilling Crew provider in Pakistan for both senior and junior level. Teleport is providing both facilities for crew staff payroll and recruitment for domestic and international clients with a wide range of drilling experience in the oil industry. 

Teleport Manpower Consultant is expert in providing offshore manpower supply and Onshore manpower supply not just in Pakistani but in other countries as well.

So if you’re going to invest in the oil industry then you definitely need to understand the importance of rig drilling in this industry. As we are the best Rig Manpower Services provider in Pakistan, we’ll provide a complete guidance for you. Then you will be able to decide which Manpower company is best suitable for your drilling requirements.

Drilling Rig is a unified system that drills wells like oil wells or water wells in the earth’s subsurface. On the other hand, Rig is the complex equipment that is used in the process of drilling to penetrate the surface of the Earth’s crust.

Drilling for oil contains breaking through different layers of the earth’s surface to approach deposits of hydrocarbons. 

Being the top Drilling crew manpower provider in Pakistan, we professionally deal with both Onshore Drilling & Offshore Drilling. 

Onshore Drilling Vs Offshore Drilling

Oil drilling splits into two main categories which are offshore drilling and onshore drilling. The location of the drilling is the most obvious difference, Offshore oil drilling takes place off the shore in sea waters whereas Onshore oil drilling takes place on the dry surface of Earth. The two types of drilling vary in other areas like cost, profits, timelines for drilling and various drilling processes.

These two types of drilling have certain advantages over the other, but both are vigorously used to extract oil to meet the high requirements of the world. When you’re going to invest in the oil industry then it’s important to  understand the differences between both drilling types helps you make better decisions about your investments.

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Why do we need a Drilling Crew?

Drilling crew work with special drilling equipment to create holes that match the exact specifications of the project. 

Commonly Drillers are responsible for:

  • Verifying drill locations 
  • Choosing suitable equipment 
  • Running and monitoring the drill 
  • Enforcing safety procedures 
  • Troubleshoot problems 
  • Repairs

So you must require a drilling crew for the completion of the project.

Teleport Manpower Consult – Drilling Crew Positions

Best Drilling Crew Provider in Pakistan - 2

Teleport Manpower consultant having  bio data of below mentioned drilling positions (categories) with offshore drilling & onshore drilling experience in the oil industry.

  • Rig Manager

Teleport Rig Managers carefully supervise oil rigs and also support drilling crews in a certain area. 

Their other responsibilities include :

  • Monitoring rig operations 
  • Coordinating drilling activities 
  • Implementing safety measures
  • Solving any issue that arise during the Project
  • Managing training staff
  • Supervising the movement of Materials
  • Tool Pusher

Our expert Tool Pusher holds the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the safety and supervision of the site drilling crew.
  • Performing administrative procedures like maintaining and ordering the equipment and material base.
  • Arrangement of different tools and equipment needed for a specific job.
  • Driller

The major responsibilities of a Teleport driller includes:

  • Managing two to three crews of rig workers 
  • Enforcing safety and efficiency
  • Ensuring all workers follow company and legal regulations 
  • Operate drilling and hoisting equipment
  • Driller Coordinator / Directional Driller

Driller Coordinators also known as Directional Drillers are responsible for : 

  • Implementing directional drilling procedures & plans
  • Oversee all drilling operations of rig site and 
  • Ensure compliance to all. 
  • Ensuring tools which are used in the project
  • Assistant driller

Teleport Assistant Driller responsibilities are : 

  • Responsible for the safe operation of equipment
  • Responsible for operation of technical systems 
  • Responsible for the safety of all personnel working on the site 
  • Assist the Driller in ensuring that the drilling is performed according to the current safety regulations and procedures
  • Supervise the work on the drill floor and other work in connection Assist or relief in other drilling related areas like pump room
  • Derrick Man or Derrickhand

Teleport Derrickman or Derrickhand is the person who sits atop the Derrick on a drilling rig. The major responsibilities of a Derrick man  includes:

  • Operational assistance to lift & sink casing, drill collars and drill pipe
  • To guide the stands of the drill pipe the top of the Derrick
  • Roughnecks

Teleport Roughnecks work on offshore oil rigs and perform different activities on the project site such as : 

  • Setting up and maintaining oil rigs
  • Preparing the area for drilling operations
  • Assembling pipes, driving trucks
  • Loading and unloading various items
  • Cleaning the area after completion of drilling operations
  • Roustabouts

Teleport Roustabouts are responsible for :

  • Scrapes, cleans and paints the drilling deck & equipment
  • Off loads supplies
  • Moves supplies to storage areas 
  • Moves supplies and equipment to the work sites
  • Helps to maintain & repair drilling equipment
  • Chief Mechanic

Responsibilities of Teleport Chief Mechanics are: 

  • Perform routine maintenance 
  • Controls of the mechanical devices & other equipment of the rig
  • Maintenance and repair of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors and drilling related equipment
  • Chief Electrician

Chief electricians work under the rig manager. Our Teleport Chief Electricians are responsible for : 

  • Pperation, maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment managing the electricians team 
  • Responsible for best Service quality 
  • Initial job preparation
  • Responsible for planning and safety measure
  • Crane Operator

Our Crane Operators are responsible for :

  • Safe and efficient operation
  • General maintenance of the various cranes located on the rig 
  • Responsible for moving heavy materials throughout the rig, storerooms and to the rig floor and from the work area
  • ForkLift Operator

Teleport Forklift operators are responsible for : 

  • Operating and managing industrial trucks 
  • Loading and unloading materials
  • Material delivery
  • Move material from storage areas, loading docks and machines into trucks, railroad cars or into other storage areas
  • Rig Welder

Teleport Rig welders working on oil rigs by using specialized equipment to weld metals on the rig. 

Rig welders are responsible for :

  • Constructing pipes
  • Metal bonding to create beams, vessels, and pipes
  • Also ensure the proper use, maintenance, and storage of welding equipment
  • Assistant Electrician

Teleport Assistant Electricians are responsible for checking that all equipments are working well or not, so the major responsibility is to :

  • Ensure all electrical systems and related equipment are maintained, serviced, tested & installed

Teleport electricians are certified because this type of job required certifications.

  • Camp Boss or TimeKeeper

Teleport Camp Bosses are responsible for :

  • Hotel services on the rig & leads the catering crew
  • Also responsible for the safety, work schedules, job content and work allocation of catering person
  • Also responsible for maintaining the food stocks
  • Motorman or Motorhand

The major responsibilities of the teleport oil rig Motorman or Motorhand are :

  • To keep the engines maintained that powers the drilling equipment
  • Also responsible for other rig equipment
  • Assist other oil rig crew
  • Maintain and lubricate machinery
  • HSE professional

HSE Professionals which are also known as safety, health and environment officers. The responsibilities of our HSE officers are :

  • Monitoring the health and safety of the crew
  • Assess risk
  • Design strategies to reduce potential hazards within work area
  • Medical Doctor

Medical doctors in the drilling crew are responsible for :

  • Conducting daily medical consultations for crewmembers 
  • Tackle all emergency situations that arise 
  • Administrative procedures for treatment of injuries, illness and deaths

Teleport Manpower consultant – Rig Manpower Services

Best Drilling Crew Provider in Pakistan - 3

We provide our drilling crew manpower services to the following countries.

Teleport – Rig Staff Provider in Pakistan

If you require a professional Drilling crew provider in Pakistan then your search comes to an end now. Because Teleport Manpower Consultant is the best Rig staff provider in Pakistan.

Teleport – Drilling Manpower Provider in Pakistan for UAE

If you belong from the United arab Emirates then Teleport Manpower Consultant is here to serve our international clients. Teleport is the top Drilling manpower provider in Pakistan who are highly committed for UAE clients as well. If you decided to invest in the oil industry then you’re free to hire our professional drilling manpower services.

Teleport – Drilling Manpower Provider in Pakistan for Dubai, UAE

Dubai is no doubt the head city of the United Arab Emirates. People from Dubai are definitely business minded persons who are always ready to invest their money in big projects. Teleport manpower consultant is the specialist in providing Drilling manpower provider in Pakistan but working For Dubai as well. Pakistan’s top Manpower company is ready to provide their expert drilling crews then what are you waiting for? Contact us

Teleport – Drilling Manpower Provider in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is no doubt heaven for oil investors. Teleport Manpower Consultant is a known Drilling manpower provider in Pakistan who is working for Saudi Arabia as well. We always provide our best manpower to our valuable clients.

Teleport – Drilling Manpower Provider in Pakistan for European Countries

European countries are always ready to invest in different businesses. We are not known for just Drilling manpower providers in Pakistan, our company is also famous for best manpower service providers in European countries as well. 

Teleport Training Services for Drilling Crew 

So here is the list of Teleport training  services for drilling crews.

• Work at height

• H2S safety

• Confined space

• Fire safety

• First aid,

• Rigging & Slinging 

• (IWCF level 3&4 only for tool pusher if required)


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