Digital Recruitment Techniques and Benefits

Digital Recruitment Techniques and Benefits 01

Having a suitable person for a suitable role at a suitable time seems like an unattainable dream in today’s fast world. This is something every organization wishes to have. Little do they know, suitable people come through effective and efficient recruitment.

Good recruitment makes sure that the workforce consists of relevant skills and abilities that meet the organization’s present and future demands. Immediately filling a vacancy is not what effective resourcing is but instead, it is about a long-term impact on the success of the organization, business, workforce, and planning data that is required to choose relevant skills in order to upgrade a company’s performance.  

What is Digital Recruitment?

The word “digital” pretty much gives an idea of digital recruitment. The art of using technology to attract, source, select candidates for an open position of a firm is basically known as digital recruitment. However, it goes far beyond adding vacancies on online job platforms and social media. Rather, it incorporates digital recruitment strategies and tools that span the whole process of recruitment.

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From social hiring to career websites, from assessing online to leveraging job boards, the digital recruiting trends include all. The digital recruitment agency, for that matter, serves the purpose. An in-depth survey conducted by “Agency Central” proved the rapidly growing importance of digital recruitment and also gave an insight into the digital recruiting strategies working and how to put them into practice.  

Benefits of Digital Recruitment

Back in 1995, was the first one to launch its online job ads. Ever since then, the globalized world has given us multiple opportunities for interaction. Nowadays, employers have access to talent from everywhere around the world. Below are some of the benefits of digital recruitment:

  • Cost-effective: Digital recruitment falls under innovative recruitment methods. An online recruitment tool and technique can be a good long-term investment for any organization. This will show better efficiency when combined with the traditional recruitment process. 
  • Time Saving: As cliche as it may sound but, time is money. The hiring process speeds up quite fast via digital recruiting. It enables them to interview and shortlist the maximum candidates per day. Moreover, through digital recruitment, companies can handle many job positions at the same time.
  • Wide audience reach:  Through modern hiring techniques, organizations will be able to target and test a wide range of individuals with minimal efforts. When a company makes its job opening public via different social networking sites and apps; it in return broadens its reach. 
  • Offers Flexibility: The modern recruiting tools and the digital system allows you to make as many amendments as you want. Unlike ads that are given in newspapers and can’t even be changed once published. Controlling the posts is made easy with digital recruiting. 
Digital Recruitment Techniques and Benefits

Digital Recruitment techniques

How to recruit in today’s market? The vast web of digitization has made the world a competitive place to survive. However, recruitment methods in the digital age have made our lives relatively easier. The following are some of the best recruitment practices that are essential for every person or firm to survive in the corporate world. 

Advance Your Job Ad Game

The symbols, language, and words used in an advertisement matters a lot because it will determine the type of candidates that apply. This means that it can be a great opportunity for you to attract as many talented people as you want and can improve your hiring procedure right from the start. 

Make a Talent pool

Building a talent pool can prove to have lots of benefits on your recruitment process. It will maintain and save the profiles of people interested in a certain organization; who haven’t applied yet but might be willing to do shortly. And also those who did apply earlier because they were not suitable for that particular position but did fit the culture of the company. Talent pool comes with multiple benefits, from providing a safety net to giving chance to passive candidates. 

Build an Employee Referral Program

Making a referral program for your employees will give you added benefits and will help you find the most suitable match in less time. By giving your employees incentives, recognition, and feedback; they can do wonders for your firm. Referrals are more engaged and fit in a better way in the environment. 

Benefit from Social media Recruiting strategy

In digital recruitment, utilizing the presence of people on social media counts a lot. Social media platforms can be used as a talent database and for promoting your ads on job positions. The following are some stats that will tell you the significance of social media in the 21st century.

  1. 74% of the millennial got their last job through a social media site. 
  2. 70% of people look for job opportunities on mobile phones. 
  3.  55% of the people who are looking for jobs find social media most helpful and useful in their search. 

The strategy to recruit new employees through social media can make a     huge difference.          

Current issues in talent Management

The main issue in talent management today is that the recruitment agencies are not well-equipped with the modern tools and techniques that are required to beat the competition in the market. They are still following the standard methods of recruitment like print advertising, talent hunt, web advertising, etc.

As a third party, we understand the importance and need for an upgraded version of recruitment agencies. This is mainly why “Teleport Manpower” today is well-equipped with the modern digital recruiting techniques and their impact on both, employer and the candidate. The conventional strategies no longer benefit anyone. Neither the organization nor the job seeker. About time other recruitment agencies also realize this importance and can contribute in a better manner to the recruitment sector.  

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