Effects of Corona virus on recruitment agencies

Effects of Corona virus on recruitment agencies

Coronavirus is rapidly expanding in the world. Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippine, provide manpower of drivers, welders, electrician, and plumber, shovel operator, cleaner, factory worker, labor, mason, general worker, dumper drivers, fabricator, aluminum technician and sales man. Pakistan provides recruitment to Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, OMAN and Qatar. Like other countries, Pakistan will also have the influence of Coronavirus. This has had a significant impact on the recruiting agencies in Pakistani for Malaysia provide manpower but now due to coronavirus recruitment affects the recruiting agencies business, they unable to provide the manpower.

impact of covid-19 and recruitment

Corona virus keeps spreading all around the world. The  impact  of virus on the life of people, economy, socialization, and psychology of people. People of whole globe are frightened due to virus and mostly they try to keep in houses, schools are closed. The government also frightened due to Coronavirus .So, they plays a vital role to control the effect of Corona virus by closing all the public areas (mosques, school, university and offices) and ongoing recruitment in all over the world especially in gulf countries which mostly rely on foreign worker from asian countries suddenly stop that affects the business of whole globe.

How covid-19 effect manpower supplier and visa endorsement agencies

All countries took great steps to avoid Coronavirus which effects on recruitment agencies in Pakistan for gulf. All the airlines such as emirates, Thai, Saudi Arabian airline has freeze flights due to which the recruitment in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Qatar ban. Pakistan provides best recruitment to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but even the KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA not reported the death case until 20th march  but due to spread of coronavirus people are frightened so that’s why Saudi government took the steps for precautions. Saudi Arabia visa processing agencies in Pakistan  and Malaysian visa proceeding agencies did take back their passport because of closer of embassies and embassies  did not take any new passport for visa endorsement or stamping  until further notice because of corona. The query against nursing recruitment also effects due to freezing visa.  The recruitment of drivers badly affected because Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy already given Wakala to teleport manpower consultant but due to precautionary measures flights ban that’s why the employee who got the visas but now they cannot fly. That is very trouble for recruitment agencies in Pakistan Inida, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippine. Recruitment agencies suffered economically, socially and psychologically after some new policies which are made for precautions..  according to the  WHO first covid case in Malaysia reported 2 jury On March 16, 2020 there are two cases are reported of corona virus in Malaysia. Malaysia reported the two death cases due to spread of corona virus and death cases people are frightened so that’s why Malaysian government took the steps for precautions That’s why Malaysia also ban flights and they also freeze the calling visa that make hazards to recruitment agencies. This adversely effects on recruitment agencies in Pakistan and now all the recruiting agencies suffered and do some planning for the revenue but now Pakistan also suffered from this corona virus. Pakistan share china and Iran border which is harmful for Pakistan. Twenty five hundred people come from Iran they are affected by corona virus that’s why many cases reported in Pakistan that’s why Pakistani government closed educational institutes, Etimad visa  center, Saudi embassy and Malaysian embassy, ISC center, school, colleges and  so many public places.

People are worried about their tickets and visas but recruitment agencies i, travel agencies and airline offices well entertain the people. Airline offices also announced that they refund the tickets which make people little bit satisfied. Recruitment agencies already contact with the employer for new queries and try to make the clients satisfied.

Some basic precautions to avoid spread of virus

Coronavirus is very harmful. We must try to safe our surroundings and must use hand sanitizer, tissues and masks. Try to keep distance 3 meter from others and if you feel cough, flu and sneezing then must go to doctor. Let make it happen.

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