HR consultant role for job seeker after pandemic

HR consultant role for job seeker after pandemic

A global pandemic-COVID-19 and HR consultant role for job seeker :

Challenges are part of life’, the verse we have already listened to yet we find ourselves unaware of the cause and effect of any unwelcome disaster either happen regionally or globally. One of the disastrous situation we have been facing in current time is the spread of pandemic known as COVID-19. Apart from the irreversible damage HR consultant play important role for job seeker , this pandemic has already caused, it also has impacted various sectors like trade and commerce, organizations and industrial performances. Furthermore, Job seekers happened to be the visible and ultimate victim of this economic downfall suffered a lot. There is a dire need to counter the difficulties they have confronted and been facing till yet.

  1. A global pandemic-COVID-19 and HR consultant role for job seeker
  2. HR  consultant role re-evaluation
  3.  HR consultants role for job seeker  from 2020
  4. Transform Hiring patterns
  5. Manage temporary employees
  6. Outplacement of job seekers
  7. HR Policies analysis

HR consultant role re-evaluation :

HR consultant being the sole entity of recruitment practice now has been facing things differently. Previously accustomed to the candidates seeking positions to achieve their goals now have been transformed into the pool of talented applicants applying because the need for fulfilling the necessities is a matter of concern now. This whole scenario influencing the various organizational norms needs to re-define and re-evaluate as to create a sustainable environment.

HR consultant role for job seeker from 2020

HR team including various professionals, recruiters and consultants have to re-evaluate previous standards they have practiced for the recruitment process. They should have to fully engage with the participants and transform their recruitment methodology. Concerning this issue, HR can play its role in the following ways:

  • Transform hiring pattern:

As we have already discussed the need for change in HR policies and the hiring practices, it is also significant to take the confidence of employees and job seekers. It means that the hiring process to be followed should be socially and visually convenient. Completion of interviews, assessment of credentials and finding the right candidate can be done virtually which will help to save the applicant’s time and get the task done of hiring successfully.

  • Managing Temporary Employees: 

Temporary/contract employment is a significant aspect of hiring individuals or job seekers. It will help to cut across various segments of manpower. HR consultants can help to accommodate solemn candidates even it is for a certain period. Yet it will benefit the deserving one financially and psychologically. Due to this pandemic, companies are following the trend of dismissal of contractual employees but the situation can act conversely if the HR personnel help it to make so.   

  • Outplacement of job seekers:

Outplacement of job applicants is possible in a way that the hiring professionals either the HR workforce or other recruiter  can provide career transitioning prospects. It will help the job seekers to identify several new career opportunities that they can opt to and ease their financial concern.

  • HR Policies analysis:

Re-analysis of HR policies will constructively help the job seekers and apart from concerning the applicant’s role will benefit the organization’s health as well.

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