Skill verification program will filter talent in Saudi- Arabia’s labour market

Skilled verification program

Teleport manpower Supply Company is market leader in Pakistan exporting the labour to all the gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia. Teleport manpower consultancy always ensures to find the best talent as serving the Pakistan recruitment agency for Saudi- Arabia workforce solution. Our outmost priority is utilizing the new initiative of the Saudi- Arabia skill verification program. Teleport consultancy is in striving to the provision of skilled workers to the Saudi-Arabia all companies and firms following the new requirement under the lasts Saudi move of skill verification program.

 Teleport overseas agency in Pakistan recruiting manpower for Saudi Arabia, main focus is worked as bridge to fill the gap between employers and employees providing the best skill certified candidates to the Saudi companies. As you know that Pakistan has unbeatable youth talent pool that need proper guidance in their career. Teleport take this social responsibility very seriously and exert it best effort to serve the nation.

SVP Applies to Pakistan visa Applicants

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the Skills Verification Program, which aims to improve the overall skill level of Saudi workers while limiting the participation of unskilled foreign national workers. Teleport overseas agency is licensed and #1 recruitment agency that appreciates the Saudi government effort for this new announcement regarding the skill verification program. Foreign nationals in over 1,000 specialized professions will be required to pass an examination. This started in July 2021 to ensure that they have the necessary skills to perform the profession in which they work.

Around 2.5 million skilled professionals from Pakistan line in Saudi- Arabia. In order to the increase its human resource output from Pakistan. Following this, Pakistan has become the first country to be benefited from the program’s recent implementation. According to the reports, the effort will entail the establishment of the approximately a dozen test centers across the Pakistan. This test will offer written and practical test to prepare skilled workers for employment in Saudi- Arabia. Teleport overseas agency is providing guidance and facilitation to the Pakistan workers in the regard of test process.

According to the saad aiaqil, director – general of the Saudi skill verification programme, “Pakistan was the first to use the skilled workers’ scheme. We have very strong  strategic  relationship  with Pakistan  and have chosen it as  the first country to begin this programme ,the main  aims to brings  skilled  workers to the Kingdom of Saudi- Arabia.”

Saudi Government Concerns Regarding the SVP

In the first phase, we have chosen five occupations for the program; these five have 260 smaller categories for workers. Saudi- Arabia announced new plans to ease contractual restrictions on foreign workers, including the abolition of the kafala sponsorship system, which had been in place for the seven decades. The plans which go into effect in March 2021, aim to make Saudi- Arabia labour market appealing by allowing foreign workers to change job and leave the country without permission from their employee. Saudi-Arabia is attempting to expand its private sector as part of a large effort to diversify its oil – independent economy.

The vision 2030 reform plan is a set of economic and social policies at exchange the kingdom off its reliance on oil exports. Our company facilitates these training and development programs using this SVP and provides the best match of employers and employees.

The latest move is a part of Saudi-Arabia’s vision 2030. Under the program, the Middle Eastern nation announced abolished 70 years kafala. With the demise of kafala system, overseas employers now have the freedom to change jobs and leave Saudi Arabia without seeking permission from their employers.

Initiative of SVP that are Taken in Specified Areas for Pakistan:

The pilot project program was launched which include 5 specialization out of 23 specialization zones. These are given below:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician,
  • Welder
  • Refrigeration/Air conditioning technician
  • Automobile electrician,

Through the recognition of prior learning assessment. The Skill Verification Program (SVP) will provide the Pakistani skill certified workforce with authentic and internationally recognized joint certification from Takamol Saudi- Arabia and National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Pakistan. Through two tracks – national and international- SVP aims to verify that workers in the targeted professionals have necessary skills.

Assessment Center for SVP in Pakistan:

The skills assessment centers that are established in Pakistan to facilities the masses for skill verification program are following:

  • Construction technology training institute (CTTI), Islamabad
  • Government technical training institute Gulberg- Lahore 
  • Pakistan industrial technical assistance center – Lahore
  • FWO institute of technical education Risalpur –Nowshera
  • Amman institute for vocational training – Karachi East
  • Centre of excellence Mughalapura, Lahore
  • Technical training center, Quetta
  • Descon technical institute, Lahore
  • Shipyard training school – Karachi
  • GTTTC Hayatabad – Peshawar
  • GCTM- Faisalabad
  • Hazza, Islamabad

Major Goals of the Skilled Verification Program

The goals of the skills verification program are highlighted as below:

  • Saudi-Arabia must become leader in developing  workforce skills  and meeting the country’s labour market needs
  • To improve productivity and service quality in the private sector
  • To prevent and limit the employment of unskilled  workers  for Pakistan in Saudi –Arabia
  • To be leaders in advanced  vocational testing
  • To improve the employment opportunities for the national and international personnel’s
  • It provide right to the Pakistani workers to change jobs and leave the country without permission
  • It is ending the contractual restrictions and sponsorship that is known as kafala for the foreign workers  
  • It is ending up the restrictions for Pakistani workers

Wrap up

Through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment, the SVP will provide the Pakistani skill workforce with authentic and internationally recognise joint certification fromTakamol Saudi Arabia and NAVTCC Pakistan. Through two tracks – internal and international – the SVP aims to verify that workers in the targeted professions have the necessary skills. The first track examines the skills of professional workers who are currently in the Kingdom in collaboration with local examination centers, while the second track examines professional labour before they arrive in collaboration with a number of accredited international examination centers.

The SVP aspires to be a leading contributor to the development of the professional workforce in accordance with international standards in order to meet the needs of the industry. Teleport recruitment agency besides, helping the companies in Saudi- Arabia in successfull recruitment though using the skill verification program. Teleport recruitment agency is in struggle to utilizing the Saudi skill verification program also ensures that job seekers must be certified and land the best job in Saudi Arabia. Teleport best recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi- Arabia provides skilled workers that are certified employees to the all Saudi companies.

Pilot Phase Launch of skill Verification Program in Islamic Republic Pakistan

The Takamol Saudi –Arabia verification program include the list of occupations that needs to pass the SVP exam before issuing the entry visa from Saudi embassy in Islamabad and general consulate in Karachi in five trades including (electricity, plumbing, welding, HVAC and electric Automatize.
Below is the attachment of SVP occupations that require the exam.



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