Top Recruitment Trends in 2021

Top Recruitment Trends in 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging year due to pandemic Covid-19. However, New Year 2021 might bring improvements in the economic industry too. We can hope that year 2021 will bring a fresh new start we have all been searching for. So in this blog post, Teleport Manpower Consultant predicts some recruitment trends for the coming year so stay connected with us for “new recruitment trends in 2021”.

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Everyone rapidly moved to virtual recruitment during the hard times of 2020, the recruitment landscape has had to massively evolve over 2020. It’s almost impossible to predict, after the hardest year we have all gone through. There are some increasing recruitment trends in 2021, which are definitely going to rule over the recruitment process in 2021. These recruitment trends in 2021 for the coming months seem to be building on the efficiencies of the New World of recruiting.

Here is the list of top recruitment trends this year.

  • Employer Brand
  • Great Candidate Experience
  • Traditional Work
  • Virtual Recruitment Process
  • Remote Work
  • Strong Talent Pool
  • Social Targeting
  • Automation Techniques

Employer brand

A stable employer brand has long been used to understand employers and to attract great talent. A strong, authentic, and trustworthy employer brand will play a great role in securing the best candidates. New hires are looking for companies who offer flexibility, support, and are able to acclimate to changes in global challenges we have all just suffered.

Great Candidate Experience

The great experience of the candidate will increase your employer’s value proposition, where the new candidates can see how you motivate and support your employees. As it is an evolving process so this continues to be an essential trend into 2021. Many pieces of research show that greater employee comfort level interacts with greater productivity. So a positive candidate experience delivers a great first impression of your organization.

Traditional Work

This year,  the whole world was forced to become more mobile just because of  “work from home” policies. With this new technological framework, the new year is going to be an interesting year for the typical work environment. So the traditional working world may expand and this is an interesting possibility for recruitment. With no geological limitations, your employee pool becomes a lot greater.

Virtual Recruitment Process

Working from home is beneficial for independence and flexibility but there is still an extreme need for face-to-face cooperation. In 2021, we assume this will continue to strengthen not only for working but for recruiting too. Employers have already had to adapt standard hiring processes to operate virtually and enjoy great benefits, because “work from home policies” are providing an efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective solution. Recorded interviews and templated set-up, can efficiently roll out video interviews with a minor impact on internal diary management. So by keeping this in mind we can assume that this can bring an increase in gamified recruitment tactics to bring the working process to life. 

Remote Work

In 2020 we learned that traditional office-based roles are able to function remotely and there are many business benefits too, for example, cost savings, time-saving, etc.  So 2021 will bring new strategies that are likely to include a more flexible work pattern.

Strong Talent Pool

An emerging recruitment trend for 2021 is an emphasis on creating a strong talent pool. As recruitment is competitive nowadays just because of highly skilled and specialist roles, it can be difficult to search for experienced and skilled candidates. So a growing talent pool will help you in organizing your cost & time per hire. It’s important to keep the audience interested and engaged, and this is a good way to continue to share your employer’s business.

Social Targeting

There is a big overlap between marketing and recruitment, and a large part of advertising roles is understanding your target candidates and where they are most likely to be amenable to your opportunities. As social media plays an important role in the daily lives of the majority of people. So it is one of our key recruitment trends for 2021. Although technology is growing fast, the fundamental goal of hiring is still the same for recruitment agencies. So Social targeting is a close match between the company’s needs and a candidate’s competencies.

Automation Techniques

In recent years, recruitment has changed due to dramatic digital transformation and in-house recruiters have continuously been exploring the benefits of Artificial intelligence and automation to improve efficiencies and internal processes. As technology is growing day by day, greater opportunities for automation in recruitment will be available in 2021. Many companies are using automation for sourcing and screening candidates. So automation will bring great recruitment success over the coming year.

Future of Recruitment

In 2019 no one has predicted the great changes and challenges of 2020. It has been absolutely different, with impacts that will last for many years to come. So we can say that great changes always come with great opportunities. As the recruitment landscape already evolved alongside modern technology, candidate expectations, and employer demands. So technology is going to rule over recruitment in the coming days.

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