Pakistan Becomes the Top Manpower Supplier in the Region

Pakistan Becomes the Top Manpower Supplier

In the private sector, Overseas Employment Promoters play a critical role in promoting overseas employment. The Overseas Employment Promoters are granted an OEP license, allowing them to travel to modern manpower recipient countries around the world in general. And also the traditional manpower needy countries in the Middle East, in particular, in order to secure contracts with the region’s leading employers to meet Pakistan’s manpower demands. 

The whole process is quite cumbersome and uncertain when it comes to overseas employment. 

However, as far as the Pakistani workforce is concerned. In 2019, a total of 563,018 Pakistani workers traveled overseas for work, up from 382,439 in 2018, a significant rise of 180,579 persons. In 2019, laborer’s led the list of workers who moved overseas, with a total of 214,000 (almost 38%). 

In the year 2019,  almost 130,000 Pakistanis (nearly 28% of the population) traveled abroad to work as drivers, largely in Gulf countries. 1.56 percent of highly skilled professionals and 2.53 percent of highly qualified workers also flew abroad. 

According to Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Adviser for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has classified Pakistan as the third-largest contributor of technical manpower for online services internationally, a testament to our youth’s ability.

He added that these services were delivered to the top companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. 

Mr. Razzak tweeted “We are glad to share that, as a testament to the abilities of our youth, the International Labour Organization has ranked Pakistan as the 3rd largest contributor of technical manpower for online services globally…”

How is this affecting the country’s recruitment industry, job market, and economy?

Despite the contributions, it has made and continues to make to the country. The Pakistani economy has frequently been isolated from its substantial and continually rising diaspora. Examining the potential of the large, very well-equipped ex-pat community, as a consumption driven economy struggles to move beyond surface level issues. This can allow us to find long-term solutions to issues that have seemed unsolvable for many years: everything from economic growth to social development.

The overseas Pakistani workforce has the responsibility to feed their families back home. For that matter, some authentic sources estimated that overseas employees have a huge contribution of around $13 billion to Pakistan’s economy. 

Time and again Pakistan or the Pakistani government requires financial aid or any fundraising programm to assist Pakistanis affected by natural disasters, health problems, or economic crises. The overseas Pakistanis take the lead in comparison to everyone else. As a result, abroad Pakistanis have been shown to be a devoted, committed, and fruitful source in strengthening Pakistan’s economy.

As far as the recruitment industry is concerned, times are rapidly changing. Proactive recruitment techniques and policies are being practiced at recruitment agency platforms. These platforms provide people with the right kind of direction and sources that they need in order to work abroad. 

The huge influx of Pakistani people flying abroad for employment purposes has given a boost to the recruitment industry of Pakistan. The ratio encourages the people to come up with transparent recruitment techniques to help the workforce.

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