How to find a recruiting agency in Pakistan?

How to find a recruiting agency in Pakistan?

Outsourcing HR is convenient and saves you a lot of hassle and recruitment costs. However Selecting a recruiting agency in Pakistan is difficult now a days. Primarily because there are ‘too many recruitment companies out there’ with big claims. As a result it is really hard to select the best recruiting agency in Pakistan.

This blog post will not only help you in finding a recruiting agency in Pakistan. But also provide you with a good staffing solution to manpower recruitment.

How to select a recruitment agency?

Purpose of selecting a recruiting consultant for employers is to hire the ideal candidate in a cost effective manner. On the other hand job seekers are looking for a overseas job facilitator who can help them land their dream job. Hence an ideal recruitment agency should be the one that helps both parties. It should not only help the job seeker but also look out for employer’s goals. Below information will help you select a professional recruitment agency as an employer and a job seeker.

For Employers

Recruitment consultant selection process starts with data gathering, followed by steps listed below:

  1. Start searching for list of recruitment agencies.
  2. Perform initial screening by their online presence and reviews.
  3. Collect contacts of recruitment agencies.
  4. Email them about your staffing needs. it is optional to mention company (it depends on you as an employer) .
  5. Filter Recruitment agency on the basis of their first response and promptness.
  6. If they understood your requirements well, and look professional add them to list of recruitment agencies to contact via phone call.
  7. Before You actually make a deal, make sure your recruiter has an active Government licence.
  8. Do a background check and verify from List of Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs) on Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment.
  9. If everything checks, and your requirements are met. Give them a call.
  10. Finally, make sure that they have a good recruitment process. This is critical.

For Job Seekers

if you are looking for foreign job, then here are some tips to choose a recruiting agency in Pakistan for overseas jobs.

  1. Choose your industry based upon your skills and experience
  2. Depending upon your need select a permanent, temporary or contract based role.
  3. Look up the overseas employment promoters list on BEOE official website.
  4. Contact a legitimate overseas employment promoter

After completing the above steps, make sure to provide ample information to recruiter. So that they can find the best role for you in an overseas company. Keep your CV ready and up to date. And above all make sure that you respond actively to all of the questions from your recruiter. Check emails regularly.

Ideal recruiting agency in Pakistan

Gulf Recruitment recruiting agency

Finally, if you are an employer or a job seeker, the Teleport manpower consultant will assist you in all of the matters related to recruiting and placement. Teleport Manpower Consultant is among the top 10 recruitment agencies in Pakistan. We are ISO certified manpower recruitment agency. Whether it’s General Gulf Recruitment or hiring ideal candidates for jobs in Qatar and Oman. Our unique process helps us stand out as Top manpower outsourcing agency in Pakistan. We are currently the leading recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia.

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