Certified Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

Certified Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

Manpower companies in Pakistan

Recently, Outsourcing Recruitment process to Pakistani consultants is becoming very popular. All the GCC member countries are hiring manpower for all major industries from Pakistan. Teleport manpower is one of the leading names among Top Recruitment Agency and Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan. When selecting a Recruitment agency all the top clients prefer iso certified recruitment agencies

Why is it important to Hire Certified Recruitment Agencies?

Although there is a clear explanation for why do we need to hire a certified Recruitment agency. Most importantly, we employers hire a recruiter to lay the burden off their shoulders. And if the recruiter or recruitment consultant agency is not certified by relevant bodies, it is very likely that they will bring you more harm than good. Cost of hiring in today’s job market is sky high. In order to ensure that this does not become a pain later on, you must verify license of recruitment agency as well as ask if they are ISO certified.

ISO certified agencies have better internal management, efficiency and productivity. Due to undergoing a thorough internal inspection and audit on globally recognized standards, ISO certified manpower agencies are reliable option. Manpower iso standards filter out the best agencies on the basis of their internal processes.

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Best Recruitment agency for Gulf countries

In order to employ the best manpower recruitment consultant in pakistan, we need to look for the following criteria

  • Licensed Manpower consultancy service with valid overseas employment promoter’s Licence
  • Accredited manpower agency poea by Pakistan overseas Employment
  • Accredited by Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development
  • ISO certified
  • NTN and tax certificate holder
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce and industry

Teleport Manpower consultants is a leading manpower agency for popular industries like, Oil and Gas, Construction, Industry FMCG and more with hundreds of happy clients in GCC countries as well as Malaysia, and Japan in all sectors. With Overseas employment promoter License from Government of Pakistan and all the necessary certifications from Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development. Not only that Teleport manpower agency is an active and prominent member of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoter Association.

Certified Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan
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